Internet F&Q

Quick Setup

With our network you get lower initial capital costs, lower initial operating costs, lower promotional costs and focused sales effort, faster, more cost-effective implementation and seamless integration with fixed wireless broadband service.

Our Bandwidth

Our license-exempt radio band technology, and point to point microwave frequencies ensures maximum up-time and provides bandwidth up to 50 Mbps.

An Advanced Wireless Platform

Our next generation wireless platform uses leading industry, high performance equipment to address even the most demanding redundancy and diversity requirements.

Low-Impact Installation

Customer premises equipment (CPE) is installed quickly using non-penetrating tripods or an existing structure. The CAT5 cable plugs directly into an Ethernet LAN or PC and can service from a large number of individual hosts or servers.

24/7 Network Monitoring and Provisioning

We monitor and control network elements, bandwidth allocation, traffic patterns to detect network over/under-utilization, traffic re-routing, troubleshooting and repairs, billing, customer resource management and other administrative tasks.

Technical Service

Our issues are normally resolved within an hour instead of 24 hours as some cable companies guarantee you.

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